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Документация Отварящи Устройства

Документация за Отварящи Устройства

Cable digital keyboard with BUS signal transmission. Product compatible with: 200K995MA-B and 200K995MA-S.
Die-cast aluminium key switch with BUS technology
Cable digital keyboard with BUS signal transmission
Wireless digital keyboard (via radio with battery), with backlit keys
RS485 Serial Interface to connect two control units as Master/Slave
Aluminium key selector
Luminous signal with led for key selector TKEY and TKEYD
key selector
External key selector switch with European cylinder and wire release
Dual band GSM 900-1800 MHz activator for gate opening from mobile phone
Magnetic key selector
Decoder for 300SCMS1
Wireless digital keypad with programmable Rolling Codes
Battery powered digital radio keypad
Metal loop detector
Magnetic obstacle detector
Digital keypad Model out of production
Decoder for 300SCMS1 Model out of production