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Sun-wind-rain sensor
Wind sensor
Octagonal rolling shutter block Ø 60 mm
Gearmotor for shutters up to max 320 kg Electric brake to prevent from breaking into
Electromagnetic brake for roller shutters (mod. T-WIN)
Gearmotors for rolling grille up to 320 Kg. Electro brake for intrusion safety
Recessed push-button unit with release device and aluminium safety casing
Gearmotor for shutters and blinds
Automations for transom windows
Ø 45 mm tubular gearmotors for roller shutters with limit switch.
Tubular motors Ø 45 mm for awnings with built-in emergency maneuver
Control unit Sol-Vento (Article out of production)
Gearmotor for shutters up to max 200 kg Motor adapters and brackets for all needs Models out of production
Gearmotors for awnings up to max 200 Kg with emergency maneuver. Models out of production